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Sometimes you have to create what you want to be part of.
— Geri Weitzman

 My whole life I’ve always walked the line between creative and entrepreneur - simultaneously selling my demo cassette tapes, while creating a babysitting service. The one constant has been my ability to see the talents in others and ways to bring them to life, in short, helping people.

I studied psychology in college and have always been fascinated by the art of human connection. Over the past few years, I’ve learned to unify these two parts of myself -- bridging the gap between creative and strategy. I believe in the power of people, and that the smallest of actions help. I’m part coach, part cheerleader, full time creator.


And I know you.

You have the kind of company who wants to push the envelope, incorporate a greater social meaning into your business, create a thriving community around you / your product.

And that’s what we do. We work with brands to use their platforms for good.

We’re called YES MAM, because we say YES.